Web 2.0 : what is it exactly ?

Vanina Delobelle

Web 2.0 : what is it exactly ?
L[Innovation in assembly of systems and sites composed by pulling together features from distributed and independant developers]l
L[Lightweight business models enabled by content and service syndication]l
L[Easy to pick up early adopters]l
L[Human connection]l

L[XHTML and use of microformats]l
L[Folksonomies (tag and tagclouds)]l
L[Net linking]l

L[Ongoing release management]l
L[Users are at the center of both the product requirements and the product testing]l
L[No communication, most of the communication is done by blogers]l
L[A shorten project management process]l
L[A constant innovation.]l

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1. Mox Folder le 22/01/2007 01:13
Vanina, the differents points of technolgy are not really clear ... at least i'ts a little bit confusing.

For example : Mashup is not a technology, I think it would be better to speak about providing API. Net linking and Wiki are not thechnologies too...
2. shyboy le 22/01/2007 01:49
you could talk about the idea of Framework and Open Source Library to create personnal application Web2.0 , its very short your introduction , but iyour english is good and easily comprehensive.

3. Vanina le 22/01/2007 09:15
OK Max I should have better written technologies and usages....
4. le 30/01/2007 19:13
C'est peut être pas très clair dans la partie "Technologies" car un "weblog" ou un "wiki" n'est pas une technologie... ou en tout cas pas au même niveau que le XML par exemple
5. Gonca Telli Yamamoto le 19/05/2009 20:24
You all align the new internet's features " ALL TELL PLEDGE's" L's de pied en cap. Could we say new generation of applications technologies and practices of Web?
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