Social and Toys = Toygaroo

Vanina Delobelle

Social and Toys = Toygaroo
Who else than a mom could have invented such a concept? Super social, super convenient, super idea.

Toygaroo is a community of parents who are sharing a pool of toys. Because our kids are growing so fast and that toys are changing so often, renting might be the solution. The company offers a selection of 300 toys for 0-6 years old kids. You select the toys and you receive it at home for the time you want, you then send them back and receive new ones. The toys are all sanitized and are shipped to you in a cellophane plastic.

Research has shown that parents will spend minimum $800 in toys when kids are young. With the proposed it amounts to $500 per year so the benefit is interesting.

The concept of sharing is just so easier. I am a big fan of libraries for example. I spend my WE there where I can select books take then, read them and return them and take others. My pool of possibilities is therefore bigger and I do not take any risk at buying something I would not like to keep.

This concept is the same. You try it, you use it and you return it.

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