Grocery Glee: a great iPad shopping experience

Vanina Delobelle

Grocery Glee: a great iPad shopping experience
Shopping on iPad can be a great and easy experience! We need to think more and more out of the box. With the millions of apps customers have available, they will not just use your app because it is you. They will use it because it provides them a great experience. On mobile, even more than online, it is all about experience. How fun and easy is it to buy my product?

Grocery Glee is offering a white label solution that recreates virtually the store aisle and enables the customer to browse the products as if he was in the store. From here, the customer can add the product to his basket and get recommendations associated to the product. This is a functionality that the store cannot provide but that the virtual space can.

I like the sleek experience. It is easy and does perfectly the job. The limitation I would see is that in a world where we expect online to provide a larger inventory than the store, if we put too many products for the customer to browse, then we would lose the benefit of the experience.

It has a lot of power when coupled with the shopping list so therefore it does reduce the amount of products and it would be even more powerful if pushed with coupons (only my shopping list that has coupons for example).

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