French kissing habit in France

Vanina Delobelle

French kissing habit in France
From outside, the French kissing seems to be very strange. Indeed, lots of foreigners feel very strange this French habit and had to cope with it like La petite anglaise. It is so strange that others coach newcomers to French habits like Nathalie in order to help them better understand how it works.

When you are abroad and that you keep your nice French habit, some just look at you in a strange way, not really knowing how to behave with you.

On the other hand, foreigners do not know how to do with these French people who are kissing everybody and who are always kissing each other !

As a French, we all know that there are some rules behind the French kiss and kissing people does not mean that you do have some feelings for somebody, but it does not mean either that you do not have some, here is the trick :)

For example, we do not kiss somebody we see for the very first time (unless it is the friend of a friend or you were already in touch with this person). Usually it means that we estimate people. We also do not have to give a kiss to people we do not like. In South of France we kiss each other more frequently that in the North.

Rules are however very difficult to catch behind this so my advice is just to follow the movement, isn't it always nice to receive a kiss?

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1. Frédéric Casagrande le 17/01/2007 10:44
Love that note, especially when you work with english people, who shake your hand when you get introduced to them, and barelly say "hello" the rest of their life :)
2. Marie le 17/01/2007 15:36
I love this post too :)

I'm not a "kissing" person. I don't like kissing people I work with or I barely know for example. It's sometimes hard even for a French to follow the French kissing rules ;)

And one kissing rule that is the most difficult to understand (and follow) is: depending on where you come from, you won't gave the same # of kiss and you won't begin with the same cheek...

3. Mox Folder le 17/01/2007 18:21
My advice :

1. Don't be shy : turn your head - be the first and don't hesitate to exagere - the others shall follow.

2. If you don't know the # : no matter what, give only 2 kisses ... and let the others sems to be foolish.
4. Vanina le 17/01/2007 22:28
Hey Frenchy you are hard with yourself :)

French kissing is one of our specialities so let's keep it. Marie, if I see you next time, not matter for me to give you a kiss then:)
5. Marie le 17/01/2007 23:04
I hope I'll come back to Prague for our next project... and see you all, this time !

I'm sorry I'm shy ;) But hey! I'll follow Mox' advice and see ;)
6. Jean-Charles le 18/01/2007 11:17
Hi Vanina
I fully agree with you. When you are abroad, French habits are not understood. That's particularly obvious in some countries where meeting people is driven by a strong cultural protocol such as Japan...and US. Have you ever noticed how American people are fond of embracing eachother? By the way, have you noticed that French kissing is particularly related to some French communities and regions in France? Paris business community is fond of it. That's not so obvious in other French region...
All the best and a big french kiss
7. Camaieuse le 18/01/2007 16:55

Bon je le fais en français, ça ira quand même plus vite !

1) Pour avoir travailler aux States (donc oui je sais parler et écrire en anglais), moi ce qui me faisait le plus "bizarre" que les vraies fausses bises que nous nous échangeons nous les français ce sont les Hugs (Nan pas les couches !)!
Franchement, pour moi c'est plus difficile de me sentir dans les bras de quelqu'un que je connais à peine que de faire semblant de lui faire des bises sur la joue - parce qu'en réalité, on embrasse plutôt dans le vide "Saluuut, tuuu vas biiiien E (oui y'a un E souvent à la fin) ?!"
Culture, culture...

2) Ce qui m'amuse aussi, c'est en effet les différentes habitudes en fonction des régions voir même des banlieues !! Alors 2, 3 ou 4 ? Allez, euh, euh, euh, soyons fous, 4 même 6 vous êtes si charmante !!!!
8. Vanina le 19/01/2007 09:26
Tiens d'ailleurs le fameux "bisous" à la fin de nos correspondances se dit "Hugs and kisses" en américain:)
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