Augmented reality straight from your mobile

Vanina Delobelle

Augmented reality straight from your mobile
Augmented reality will come directly from your device. As you will be walking in a store aisle, read an article or wait at a bus station, you will be able to use your mobile to simply get more about the product you see. The product will get a life, it will be more than just a static product, it will talk to you and teach you about who he is.

It is not going to be boring by bringing you back to the ecommerce site, it is going to give you an extra information. It will bring you in a different world that will entertain you and therefore makes you buy. The technologies are evolving, QR codes and scanable codes will vanished to become invisible. Customers will not have to do anything. They will just need to get their mobile move on top of the product to get transported into the product world.

Blippar has started this revolution by providing this effect to customers.

Another interesting use of what true augmented reality can be is done by a Tokyo newspaper, where reading the newspaper becomes a whole new experience.

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