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Vanina Delobelle

About thoughts
I have every day more and more readers telling me that it is a shame that my blog is in French. I should certainly take this as a compliment, however I cannot deny my mother tongue as well as my French community who has been the first to promote this blog.

I nevertheless admit that I should be writting more often in English. I also say it but it would be high time for me now to do it.

So how to proceed?
L[Take over some of my previous articles and translate them. You already know that I am against this.]l
L[Find other subjects and publish them in English. Yes but as I told in one of my former post, the subject comes to me in one language or another.]l
L[Teach English to French readers that do not yet. Could take long time.]l
L[Teach French to my English readers, Could be even longer.]l
L[Find another bloger who is going to maintain a blog translating all my articles. Not really relevant.]l
L[Keep on doing what I am currenly doing. This is not going to solve the issue.]l
L[Really endavour to think more in English...here we go !]l

Ouaouh this is apparently a big dilemna ! What is interesting here is that even in English it is also possible to write to say nothing. What is the interest of this post? None. Just for me to prepare my mind to the change. One article a while is not sufficiant so let’s try to squeeze my head in order to be able to deliver more frequently.

Funny article to me as well because this is not the kind of stuff I am usually sharing with you. It is one of this “miscelaneous” article. No content, no purpose, just words. Ok, so now, bear with me, next time I will be ready to write in English to say again something relevant...at least I hope !

Commentaires (3)
1. Mox Folder le 13/01/2007 01:17
Would be a real shame if this blog was in english !
2. Vanina le 13/01/2007 08:22
Sure Mox, however I am going to try to release more English articles to some point.
3. *Julie* le 14/01/2007 00:28
Great !! a good way for me to practice my english !
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