About things...in France and in the US

Vanina Delobelle

About things...in France and in the US
Social networking
Social networking has become a real asset in our lifes. We cannot do without it !
Social networking in the US is more direct and everybody knows why to do it. In France, we do it but we do not want to say that we do it. Just because the image is not the same. In the US where entrepreneurship is much broaden, it is just part of everybody’s behaviour. US people never says “I do not know you” but “What can I do to help”.

Carrier path
State of mind is much different. Failing is not an issue, never failing is suspicious. In France, carriers, which are following a linear path, are much more appreciated, just because we are still afraid by those who try something different. Changing companies, changing position, changing countries can be seen an unsustainity. So strange to me ! One day a recruiter asked me if I was stable just because during 10 years experience, I worked for 3 different companies in 3 different countries which leads to an average of 3 years for each. Even those working on public sector can have that pace ! I probably just met a strange person (afraid by her own shadow...). Anyway, mobility is not always seen with the same eye. In the US, it is more those working for the same companies for years which is suspicious just because you cannot bring the same dynamism after some time. Bringing practices from other companies is a way of benchmarking which companies appreciate much. You are more allowed to test things.

If we consider the UK and France, it is the same. You will rarely see someone working for a French company which either does not speak any word of French or which do not speak very well the language. The US are more open on the language practice. If you do not speak perfect English, that does not mean that your application will be rejected. They are used to work with foreign people coming from different countries. I do not think that if you do not speak perfect French that you cannot be a very good asset for a company. There are countries in which you can be accepted without speaking a word of the local language just because they see beyond this.

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1. Vanina le 15/11/2006 08:56
Je remarque que les articles en anglais vous inspirent moins:)
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